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Welcome to the TJS Masonry & Construction website. Tom Silveri is a third-generation mason working primarily in Monroe County, NY, covering the region centered around Rochester, NY and its suburbs. If you’re looking for quality masonry with superb craftsmanship and attention to detail – delivered at the right price – TJS Masonry & Construction is your first choice.

TJS Masonry offers a wide variety of services in both the masonry and construction trades, specializing in stone work, foundations, all types of flat work (sidewalks, floors, etc.) and step repairs.

From flagstone (slate) patios, to patterned brick walkways and concrete driveways, Tom provides quality masonry perfectly matched to the weather conditions and climate typical of Rochester, NY and Monroe County.

Whether it’s pavers for driveways and sidewalks, cultured stone, or detailed brick work, TJS Masonry has the skill and experience of more than a quarter century to get the job done right, and done right the first time. (See Tom’s Story for some information about his background and philosophy on how he approaches every job he does.)

Have a look at Tom’s Photo Galleries to get a good idea of the kinds of projects we’ve done in Rochester and Monroe County – and the quality of our masonry work. There are examples of brick, stone and marble fireplaces, home additions, foundation work, fa├žades, and other types of masonry.

A Fresh Insight on Productivity and Perspiration**

After years of watching our concrete garage floor slowly die of osteo-something-or-other, we called in a specialist. He said the only thing to do was put it out of its misery. I wasn’t there for the end, but my wife was, and she was impressed by the way the specialist and his brawny men went about their business.

They showed up the next day with sledgehammers and simply beat it to death. Then they threw the remains into a wheelbarrow and carted them away. Nothing subtle. Just muscle and knowing where to aim. The next day they put down a reinforcing mesh and summoned a cement mixing truck that regurgitated the makings of a new floor. After some skilled trowel massage, the job was done. In two long days!

“I wish you had been here,” she said. “I’ve never seen anyone work so hard or so fast. It was an eye opener. It’s great to watch people who know what they’re doing.”

** As written by a well-known newspaper columnist years ago.